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The next European Regional Economics seminar will take place on 24th April at our London office.

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Our Latest View

Our latest view

  • Global Futures alert: Flash
    estimates of Eurozone GDP
  • European regional overview
  • UK alert: Inflation
  • UK regions: Round-up
  • European consumer trends
  • Swedish communes

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Economics products and services

Economic forecasts

  • Assess the global economic outlook
  • Get detailed forecasts for the UK and Europe
  • Drill down to the city level
  • Benchmark UK and European cities
  • Locate the distressed households of tomorrow
  • Examine alternative scenarios

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Credit risk

Credit economics

  • Acquire the right customers
  • Monitor high-risk groups
  • Mitigate potential write offs
  • Use forward-looking credit scores
  • Manage losses through the economic cycle
  • Forecast changes in debt propensities and value
  • Stress test portfolios
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