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Economic forecastsThe last eighteen months have been some of the most challenging that economic forecasters have faced in decades, so it is with great pride that we can announce that Experian is listed 6th in the Sunday Times’ 2009 league of top 40 UK economic forecasters who contribute their forecasts to HM Treasury.

Experian is one of those forecast groups that promotes its forecasts on a commercial basis for analytics, strategy and planning to both the private and public sectors, so there is additional pressure to provide reliable forecasts. When compared against other UK commercial suppliers of economic forecasts, Experian was the highest ranked supplier in the Sunday Times list, outperforming all its competitors again this year. Indeed, consistency is the key, as performing consistently well is more desirable than erratic outcomes where top position is achieved one year and a lowly position the following year.

The strong performance in this year results, in part, from the detail of our economic forecasts we undertake. Drawing upon the broader data assets of Experian means that we can go into significant detail forecasting economic performance at a sector, local area and household level. This gives a far more complete picture of economic performance than many other economic forecasting groups.

Economists use models that extrapolate the past to predict the future. This would suggest another good year of forecasting from the Experian economics team.

Click here to download the Sunday Times' 2009 rankings of top UK forecasters